Challenging to create a race that is specific

It was a combination of those variables as we were putting these together. I can tell you that the Vulpera to buy classic gold as an allied race was something that the team actually wanted very early on, and were really enthusiastic about. We are super excited to see it out in the wild. Personally, I'm very excited to perform with vulpera. I've been enjoying Alliance mostly recently, but I've been trying to convince my friends to change into Horde so that I can play vulpera. That's the program, although I haven't succeeded yet.

To find the way that fans latched to the Vulpera so early there was a lot of love for them and their caravans and alpacas and all of that stuff. The aesthetic of this Vulpera was something which we loved from day one. To have the ability to bring them as a playable option is something that the staff is excited about. This was wanted by a lot of them as an option, and we guessed this is a great time to do that.

A lot of the other allied races are variations on an present race we are familiar with, such as Dark Iron Dwarves, Void Elves, stuff like that. Was it challenging to create a race that is specific? There are some challenges. Maybe a minor issue, however the boots, for instance did you know that we have to fit every single pair of boots which has been made to create sure they match on all the Vulpera feet? With the quads and how their feet work, we needed to make sure that worked for all of these, and that was a little challenging. But again, that's part of what we learned how to perform better as we travelled through all of these races that are allied. There were several challenges, and there were some things we did that weren't as hard as we had thought.

When was the ideal time to introduce some of those 14, we believed. If you had something like the Mag'har Orcs, for instance, they are a warrior race. The Horde was looking to strengthen its numbers because of this war, therefore it made sense to go and get them early and also make them a core part of hey, we want bodies out there on the front lines, and these people would make cheap fast wow classic gold awesome soldiers, so let's do this. Whereas something the Vulpera wouldn't have made as much sense to do early on, because as amazing as they are, they probably are not what you'd think of when you think of front line soldiers for this particular effort.

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