EA must fully replicate Pittsburgh's training camp

Madden 19 doesn't have tracking. Stats and documents play such a huge role in the presentation of real life NFL broadcasts, which ought to be the exact same in Madden. There should be fan banners, special comment lines and chants. Not only that, the game should also have special XP rewards for breaking records and put more stress on how tough with Mut 20 coins they are supposed to beat. Put it this way: when we change teams in Franchise, we want to understand the history of our brand new team.

This one's a bit quirky. Unless you opt to dial the problem down to super-easy in 19, it is likely you'll fight to reach the Playoffs in Franchise with some of the game's worst teams. For instance, assisting the Browns (even with first-year QB Mayfield) into the final 12 is hard, so is providing Matt Patricia some pleasure in his debut season as Detroit's coach.In Madden 20, EA could and ought to add in the choice to play as AI teams once yours is eliminated from contention. Rack a measly document since the Lions ? No problem.

Form of, but there does not have to be any player reward for really winning. Instead, it would give everyone the chance to observe a full season through, encounter the Super Bowl and get a sense for what it would be like to take their franchise to the dance.Attention, EA Sports: all 32 NFL teams do not share exactly the exact same training centre. The Steelers do not come in on Wednesday, chip off that Titans logo, slap their very own one onto the building and get to work. That would be absurd, but it's seemingly how things operate in Madden's universe.

A little variant would go a very long way here.Nobody is suggesting that EA must fully replicate Pittsburgh's training camp at Saint Vincent College or anything, however they should have a different centre template for everybody else. We're sick of seeing the exact same one, essentially, since it makes clinics boring, lifeless affairs that don't reflect actual NFL culture.Seeing that the Florida sun pour back on the Buffalo Bills during mid-December coaching drills is odd, and to buy Madden 20 coins doesn't add up when they are then braving snow drifts at New Era Field come the weekend. Being able to train is fundamental stuff.

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The Switch is tailor-made for Madden's pick-up-and-play style, particularly if gamers favour the game's arcade choices over simulation. Big plays, crunching tackles, celebrity celebrations and much more are a lot of fun on the go or with a party of friends, so it is somewhat shocking to report that it does not look like Madden will be coming into the machine any time soon.Currently, multiple websites have Madden 20 down as PC, Xbox One and PS4 only. There's zero talk of the Switch, which ought to make anyone who possesses one a bit sad. Additionally, it is confusing. Predictions from business experts assert the console will be around until 2024 meaning it's at least another five years of life, presumably with no soccer.

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