The Ebony Dofus quest won't be an exclusion

Infinite Dreams information such as the monsters present in the rooms, battle modifiers, available rewards Kamas Dofus Retro in case of success, etc. is available through an interface created especially for the occasion. The owner of this dungeon uses this port to spend vision points, and characters use the interface to swap their gathered dream reflections for benefits. Dream reflections are obtained in precisely the same way as dream points, but unlike things, they do not count on the group and aren't linked to the present dungeon. Fantasy resumes are a resource which can be traded, either destroyed or sold just like any other source in Dofus game.

The progress and benefits provided in the Infinite Dreams are closely linked to what characters have achieved outside.The critters to fight are decided randomly, however the owner of the dungeon can only establish a fight if they've defeated the dungeon keeper in the keeper's original dungeon. Characters who have conquered just a small quantity of dungeon keepers risk being rapidly obstructed in the Infinite Dreams. If that happens, there is no need to stress. All you need to do is to pause the dungeon, go overcome those keepers, then go back and pick up your progress. Note that restriction only concerns the owner when launch fights; accompanying characters do not have any restrictions to join the proprietor, whether they have defeated the dungeon keeper in question before.

Trading and buying bonuses and the rewards that are offered additionally depend on achievement criteria. For bonuses the content is taken into consideration. By way of instance, the owner must have successfully finished the Nimaltopia quests to purchase Mishell's Blessing.For rewards got in exchange for fantasy reflections, the characters' individual histories have been taken into consideration. If a given reward requires one to have finished all of the accomplishments linked to Moon Island, Jean-Jean can purchase it since he knows all the island's secrets and defeated all its monsters, but his friend XXX-Narutoto-XXX who hasn't set foot out of Astrub will observe the reward but will not have the ability to buy it.

The Ebony Dofus quest won't be an exclusion. It will rely in part on the Infinite Dreams. The dream keepers and dungeon keepers had that the Ebony Dofus will be divided finish at level 200 and starting at par 120. It will not need prerequisites. Besides this debut leading to the Sorceress in the Swamps, you will have to have validated part of the Brotherhood of the Forgotten quests, also have access to certain zones to progress (Frigost 3, Kingdom of Freezammer, Veriun Dead towers). Skills in a few professions that Dofus Kamas Buy are harvesting may also be needed.

We aren't likely to reveal the pursuit story here as we would rather let you find it in Dofus match. One of the characters will be Grougalorasalar the Ashen, as you can imagine. Why would you be entrusted by a dragon willing with guarding his Dofus? Maybe he's secretly longing to get a bigger treasure... And if this treasure was in your possession, that knows what could happen then? As for the power of the Ebony Dofus, speculation is rampant. In a few weeks, its consequences will be shown. Patience. Your wait will soon be over!

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