I will answer the component regarding Guthix in RS

The fact that Skargoroth could not kill Tuska with an elder artefact is proof enough old school runescape gold that she's a fairly strong god, but it's also hard to judge because the lore has been thrown out of the window with the world occasion. Apparently Skargoroth, Tuska, Armadyl, Saradomin and Zamorak (but not Bandos until after the Chosen Commander pursuit ) were on the Exact Same Tier until the 6th Age, but Skargoroth was unable to kill Tuska despite wielding an Elder Artefact. Vorago ends up nuking her out of orbit (was not around for the case, did not understand the facts ) while the other gods did not actually contribute? Pretty dumb. In the very least, they could have experienced the gods provide some help to Vorago, who is still another character with rather shitty lore.

Honestly when I first made that post, I had said Tuska was murdered by Guthix, and that the electricity transferred to Guthix, however I misremembered, clearly lmao. I made an assumption some electricity went to Guthix from this, because sword appeared to siphon the energy from Skargaroth and that I kinda marginally get the feeling Tuska gave a while, cause let's face it, Skargaroth ain't a tier two god, so how did Guthix reach that point? Tuska is (as far as I recall) a tier 4 god.In regards to your remark about nothing about any elder artefacts having the ability to siphon, I have to remind you, the Staff of Armadyl can also be referred to as the siphon and I would be inputting some serious spoilers territory to the conclusion of Sliskes Endgame/The World Wakes if I spoke any further.

Oh I will answer the component regarding Guthix being as strong as Seren and Zaros (Tier 2). Guthix used multiple artefacts to shape Gielinor and in doing so imbibed himself with some of the power of the artifacts. He then slept inside the planet, becoming immensely powerful with all the anima of the planet. I can not remember if it was my concept or if I read this somewhere but Guthix was maintaining the anima from the Elder Gods to stop them or their eggs from waking. That's why he uses the World Guardian. Following Chosen Commander, he drops in power, following Lumbridge Battle Saradomin ascends one Tier.

Yeah, the team is your siphon, but no one that we understand is being managed to siphon the ability out of a being without killing them, right? Tarshak into V, Armadyl to whoever on his world, Zamorak to Zaros (Destroyed his form and shipped him back to spawn), Sliske into Guthix, then Sliske stabs himself to siphon himself into cheap runescape 3 gold player. Besides, that is what the staff had been for, it was a siphon. The sword enables the consumer to travel between dimensions which Guthix uses to go to places. He also used bits of this sword to depart portals according to the wiki. Finally, it is stated that the sword's actual purpose is dividing things cleanly, as opposed to the siphon that's used to fuse objects.

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We are some of the people who make Old School RuneScape. Earlier this week our entire game studio (Jagex) began working remotely, so we thought we'd use this time to answer any questions that you may have. This was a recreation of RuneScape as it was in 2007.

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