It's actually more viable in RS3

So I have not really played RuneScape before. Is the new version bad? It looks like I only ever hear talk about people playing old school RuneScape. I kinda like the concept of collecting ore and smithing equipment to sell to people. Is that viable, or is rs 2007 gold game at some stage where that's no longer a thing? Its thing in OSRS. It is possible to do it but it will not be"profitable". You'd be creating cannonballs for profit. I figure if you like to role play creating armor and weapons by all means do so but RS3 may be better if you want to create some type of gain.

RS3 reworked its smithing by smithing so if thats what you want attempt RS3, and the ending game is created. The new variant (rather: first version that has been updated ) is not'bad', it is actually quite fun. The 2 games have quite different design philosophies. OSRS is much slower paced in each aspect: slower to degree, slower to travel, slower to destroy creatures. OSRS is much more about the journey, although it still has things to do at endgame. RS3 is, now, more about getting one to endgame enjoy a modern MMO. Some people like that, some don't. But don't get me wrong, it is still going to take you a while to reach endgame at RS3, more than any MMO that is contemporary, just nowhere near as long as OSRS.

OSRS and RS3 also disagree on combat systems, OSRS becoming much more like very sophisticated cookie clicker and RS3 being more like wow. However the battle systems are both basically the same - you can turn off your brain, watch animations and obtaining phat loot in game. The reason people don't speak about RS3 is due to the big bad boogeyman - micro-transactions. You are able to basically buy max degree in case you are willing to fall over 10 grand. You are able to purchase gold in both games, like wow tokens. It is viable, a profit will be made by you, but perhaps not ideal. It's actually more viable in RS3 due to the current mining and smithing rework.

RS3, the"main" game is merely so-so. OSRS is the sport, and it deserves it also as it is more fun imo. Gathering ore and smithing the equipment is not a way to make money unless you are in free to perform with, then smithing rune swords is a money maker. It's often seen as not feasible as the grind to obtain the mandatory levels is long and there are better options to more gold on rsgoldfast to make money. Collecting ore is a profitable method on its own. Additionally you are able to smith cannonballs however, xp/hr and the gp/hr isn't terrific. But it's afk, therefore it is liked by some people.

RuneScape gold

MTX is only an issue if you let it be. You may play an Ironman to avoid all of it, or do not ever need to buy keys or makeup. Though the EoC is really needed by higher level PvM, Combat Mode is a choice. Like everyone

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