Modern WoW Classic is watered down

The classic encounter from EQ but WoW Classic too, were epic. No folks are bots to you. They do not matter. They are insta-queue-dungeon-spam nothings that go and come as you need wow classic gold for sale. You can solo everything and everything that is insta-queue else. Don't understand how he is CEO now. No one asked for the BUGS and PROBLEMS out of WoW Classic code and engine from yesterday. They're requesting for the EXPERIENCE. Not a watered down game which wipes your buttocks for you, puts food on your mouth and holds your hands so you do not even have to do over simply spit to play with it.

I don't think that it will triumph. It won't be a collapse either. I have played since day 1 of 2 vanilla. It's over rated. Needing to plan things, having to travel to far off areas on foot or on slow land mounts, having to form a set, playing server ppl that were just created a community.. Not WoW Classic itself. I prefer today's WoW Classic as a match, but yesterday's ppl from vanilla to hang with. Now if I could find the vanilla peeps I performed that's something to consider.I'm expecting about 5-6 million. But I think brack is going to be proven right at the end of this. I know that it's a very popular opinion but as a business if they don't maintain that 5-6 million brack will be right and classic will be considered fail for its investors.

WoW Classic back then was a different experience. Modern WoW Classic is watered down, free epics, no character development at all. I know a lot of people are going in assuming it'll be just like the old times... but if you're hoping for a replicated experience of your first time going to SM you need amnesia or never played WoW Classic in the first place. The discovery portion isn't likely to be there. Your old friends might not be there.But... will there be people playing with this? Most definitely. I will not unless something changes.

When it's only classic and ends with Naxx function as the last raid of progression no. Blizzard needs to LEARN from this not regurgitate their work. The pursuit building, the quest, the abilities and character building with gold in wow classic, the SOCIAL ASPECTS that let you form those wonderful friendships and some of the best times of your life.I believe a good deal of people hold a ton of respect for this game and I would hate to see it die out if I am not yet an active sub. It may have even have spared the life of somebody you know in IRL or online.I played WoW Classic in beta but was not a fan of it all live, it always felt like dumbed down EQ with goofy looking characters. I am unhappy using BfA but classic was a wreck. Also can't perform goblins so classic has no appeal for me.

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