You've been asking for the return of the 1.29

Before looking at the Dofus Unity job, for the moment"in period of analysis and reflection", Anthony Roux cites in his blog article the present"very good financial health" of the business with Kamas Dofus Retro. Besides the continued prevalence of this MMO (620, 000 busy Dofus players in September) that is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary this year, the manager highlights the"buzz" created by Dofus Retro, a nostalgic variant launched on September 24 based on the very popular version 1.29, which has nearly 300, 000 busy Dofus players on the beginning of October.

To better understand the current, ToT then takes the opportunity to look back at the past and specifically the complications encountered during the growth of"Dofus 2" (the current version of Dofus), one of Ankama's many endeavors (Waven, Dofus Touch, Krosmaga, the component Ankama Editions...) on which he doesn't operate right"for decades". He explains why:I will not spit on everything that has been done, far from it. But it's very important to understand I have really lost control of this job for several years. By choice at startup and because I didn't feel welcome afterwards. I talk more readily because after years of internal struggles, the group is behaving correctly.

More generally, the bill evokes without filter the inner dysfunctions, such as the"problem to take 250-300 people in one direction and to make sure that everyone sticks to it", and points the finger in the decisions and actions of a former workers empowered: With Kam (Camille Chafer, among the three founders of Ankama, Editor's notice ) we are able to release beautiful projects if we are in control. Every time we have entrusted groups leaving freedom to them with projects or missions, it has always gone into a spin.

ToT tells, as examples, two anecdotes: You've been asking for the return of the 1.29 for decades and you were advised that you can not. We no longer needed the (codes) resources and it was quite hard to rekindle and evolve. The resources, we found them 10 days back and I am convinced today that in the time, the men and women who advised us to Buy Kamas Dofus Retro not to have them just didn't want to get pissed off to launch a new variant (...) Another anecdote for your road? The remaking of weapons on Dofus, do you remember? We lost 30 percent of our turnover.

Buy Dofus Kamas

Incarnam is a good region select the one that you would like to work out for the rest of your experience and to find trades, but be sure to select it!

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