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Even off the court when you are running around the neighborhood it feels like you have super restricted control over the direction you run in, it is bothersome when the gme compels you to bulge into arbitrary objects and run up the staircase from the 2s courts as you can not control your player direction.

I believe that sacrier has become the class in Dofus game because of changes. You can't create your Kamas Dofus Retro personality, let alone create a unique eq for your own style, as you change your class every three months.As for your"bat eye", I agree, but maybe not entirely. - Ra for cooldown 4, and two rounds turn - off thaths will be good. As for the Iop"massacre", it is the most beautiful spell in Dofus sport and on pvm has great potential and I use it if I could. Whether this spell disappears my iop will visit the trash.

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