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What about those discountinued rares that they give out on flow for stuff and events. The only real means to get them from a drop celebration by a jmod. I am not sure I understand what you are referring to. Holiday items when dropped during vacation occasions are got in subsequent years' holiday events. The jug is the only rare that I can find of the character you are speaking OSRS gold about on the wiki. Can you have cases? Is the cost of the jug? Weird.

They have not released midsummer occasions for the previous two years so there hasn't been any half jugs and disks of returning coming into RuneScape. But there's still a lot of these. I joined in late 2017. I guess that is why they haven't been heard of by me. I guess you're right that OSRS is existed in by items so the precedent is there. This is unintentional, Although I feel? Sounds strange since people didn't vote for stopped rares but I suppose it had been an unintended result of cancelling (?) An occasion. Or is the event just irregular?

I editted my last article in between the reply which sums up to nowhere did they state u gain points if u didnt compete before. Away topix, but we didnt vote contrary to rares that are quit. They polled it backward. Comparable to polling"if we introduce chaos without soulsplit." Then soulsplit was desired by saying clearly the community as it didnt reach 75%. We voted for the notion of holiday things voted if they should be discontinued. We'd have discontinued items at the moment, if jagex had stated continued in the question. Discontinued got 64.2%.

I'm just asking to ensure it's true that you are able to make points rs2107 gold down the line. They did not say you couldn't but they did not say that you can. I just wanted to hear out of a JMod that it is part of the strategy to have this type of"continued reward shop", if you will. I am sure every aspect of this will be polled either way, of course. Also I'm not sure I really follow your reasoning about that discontinued rares poll. Is there any way you can rephrase it?


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