It To Be Like The Cave With Some

Cause why not, the issue with RS gold times periods and challenging HP caps is they become really boring as soon as you get to a certain stage. This means for a high tier pvmer they're dull on day one, to someone good they're dull after a few days, and each player finds them boring after a couple of years of electricity creep. Unless jagex will go around and rebalance content all the time (they need to do it more often but realistically they aren't going to) then mechanics such as that are just bad design.

1 rax was balanced. You had to be good but you would find the hp down as the net was. In 2020, stage one is"stand around and tap boss simulator" that requires nearly double the time the average player would undergo it once they understand the boss. P2 on path 2 is exactly the same, if you know the boss at all you will be stood around on the ramp only chilling avoiding mechanics bored out your mind. Hard phase points have potential to be enjoyable an engaging however they generally don't age well. Time gates are only unfun, and phases that eventually become time gates as power creep happens aren't enjoyable.

Looks like they're coping with mechanisms to me. Before the egg bombs go off they are choosing to tank the strike with damage reducing debil as it is and they're doing each mechanic. It is not like they are forcing a phase change by blowing off freeing people or using familiar that is uncapped damage. They're opting to take a hit that's barely a mechanic that takes 5 minutes to 26, if they do the 1 mechanic and you wouldn't see it more than double even in solo most of the time. Can it be elitist of me to refuse to play aggressive manners in some other match, or league, or CS, with someone multiple positions below me?

I personally have no issues playing different games in casual modes with players that are worse than me, and also in RS - when we're only doing some casual conducts, or even better, if I'm teaching, I do not care at all about kill times. But if earn a lot of cash, or I'm looking to set a new record, yeah I'm going to be more strict on who I perform. Without doubt, there's a difference between"elitists" and"poisonous elitists", and some people definitely cross the line, but there is literally no reason I can't refuse to pvm with someone.

On artificial time gates, or more widely, the subject of hp caps - that I despise it. People whine about stage 2 or 4 at vorago? What about bottom path (pre-update) in araxxor? Since they sense anti-skill HP covers and buy rs3 gold additional time gating mechanics are un-fun. Stalls that are mechanic-based, reflects vorago, or such as the pillars at verac lith, feel better. Even things such as Nex, at which at 4 different hp thresholds you need to kill a minion, feel way better than just"you do 0 damage today lol", but the boss has to be built around that.


Additionally, when making an argument there should be a motive. It shouldn't be abandoned for interpretation. It accomplishes the same objective of adding content, as I explained, create a new place. Why it must be wilderness because it doesn't design to that particular participant's playstyle I don't see. As for other ideas, I would really like to see more discussion. Personally I am against the death cost version (I won't explain the reason ).

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