RS3 events really are a joke.

Where you would have to supply materials because of their functionalities in addition to a Base amount of stuff and a base level to create the structure those NPC's would operate in anyways. Together with the choice to arrange them in a way that suits the players enjoying, where combat support role NPCs could be closer to OSRS gold the house tele place for access. Along with npc's could be. Obvi I am literally just spewing thoughts with little to no believing ahead, so it could all be unbelievably flawed but I believe it could be a start of something to think about.

OSRS participant here, construction is insanely OP for us with regen pool and house tiles. Why is it so useless for RS3? So I understand nothing Cease runescoe from 2006 to return to old-school by the way. RS3 and OSRS we have been given a lot of the QOL fans whereas RS3 they were just inserted but in OSRS they had been integrated into construction. In RS3 we have multiple 1 click teles into a lender and heal at banks. We can rest anywhere for run energy, not that we ever actually come to an end. We have lodestones for teles that are fast around the map. Storage can be accessed from our banks.

PVM hub has Prayer/summoning restore adrenaline crystals in addition to crystal, and is easily accessible to all players. Spell book swap is a ability Cape advantage and can be done from any lender. I'm a wrought iron iron and I can honestly say the only thing I ever use my house for is making teletabs to processor them for hints, repairing my degradable gear for sightly cheaper and storing old pets that is don't have decorative over rides. Everything else there's a better option.

RS3 events really are a joke. They are the exact same format repeatedly and revolve around a single item: XP (and crap cosmetics, and seeking to encourage folks to buy MTXs to maximise what the xp they get out of this event) the entire point of seasonal events is just to bypass actually playing Runescape and grinding and only getting xp from clicking something. RS3's whole boils down to just xp. It's fun about it or roughly as a game could be, there is nothing interesting. OSRS regularly adds content chosen by players.

I recall when the Arc came out on cheap RS gold, I was super excited about it until I discovered it was only a graphically impressive new area with more items to click on for xp. And uncharted isles was a disappointment. Nevermind I just saw you said you were joking. However, what I said is still true, and I'm sure you likely agree tbh. I sincerely hope you're joking Beach makeup are as bad as Valentine's Day cosmetics.

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