I am wondering which of the following to RuneScape

Hand In The Sand (amass your 84 buckets of OSRS gold sand daily and may market all 84 buckets on GE for 2k). Nature Spirit. Jungle Potion. Shilo Village (for access to 100+ combat slayer master and gem mines) Family Crest (Avan portion for accessibility to Hellhounds), Lost Tribe, Recruitment Drive Wanted! Wolf's Whistle. Dragon Longsword. - Your better off using a DDS and their cheaper/ Dragon Boots (For when I purchase 60 Defence) Glory Amulet maybe. - only cost like 30k now. A great deal of items and stuff to aid with my skills. - Quest help first. Rune Halberd. - Hold off with this unless you intend on fighting black drags once you get part of RFD above completed or Will combat werewolves (drops ain't great )

I am wondering which of the following to perform when I've got the money. While I get the money what should I do? Sell Dragon Chainbody and Dragon Platelegs to assist finance for Bandos Plate and Bandos Tassets to proceed with my Bandos Godsword. Maintain My Dragon armour and Bandos Godsword and buy a Santa Hat. Sell my Bandos Godsword and Purchase a Dragon Total Helm. Sell my Bandos Godsword and purchase Bandos Plate, Bandos Tassets along with also a DragonFire Shield. (I'd still have a whip)

My magic level is 21 and I have been advised to train with Firestrike. I was wondering though.. How can I find some monsters suitable for my level? My other question is a bit more complex.. When I am training magical, is it possible/feasible to train another skill at the same moment? I see that my hitpoints and defence tend to move up while I am fighting that's great - are there any other abilities I should be training at the exact same moment? I'd love to finally do pvp, what abilities are important for this as a magic user?

Oh one final thing.. How important is my armour when killing monsters or pvping? If I invest in greater armour while I'm training or once I get my abilities maxed out? 1. 2. If u use curse charms and weaken ur hp/def wont go up cos its a spell never an attack. If u do use and att it always train hp but dont train def cos it takes more time to mage lvl up. BTW mage, cb, range att all raise ur hp. 3. For PVP minigames u need high str, def(since rangers can get un ), higher att. The battle related ones are for if un rangers. 4. Armour is equally as important as a staff.if u are f2p wizzy hat, wizzy robe top, monks robe underside, any gloves/boots, some other elemental staff. If ure p2p u cant actually do any better than that which I think cos at 40 mage + 20 def u get to utilize mystic armour.at 40 mage + def u get to wear splitbark.Although I think u kan wear enchanted robes.

Yeah, I'm posting here since I am bad for like the next time. Anyway, I invested about 600-700k+ on webpages for my Zammy Book, today I am sitting on 1.2M. Also worth mentioningI have my daddy's annoying short attention-span, which can be a nuisance, if I go try buying 10K water-filled vials to get 900K profit, I will only end up buying 1k of them from Adrougne General Store then selling them in the Grand Exchange, after getting bored... So, is there a fast way to make money so I can buy myself a whip again, and runescape 3 gold so it fits my attention-span?


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