I Think It Has A Few Incremental Improvements

2k20 right now costs less than a full meal at mcdonald's, cop it. However, myLeague can be a little laggy in deeper seasons on console, so in case you can get it on PC that'd be ideal. Its being downloaded since speak, I can waste the other $55 I was gonna spend on NBA 2K21 MT on something else I dont ever want.Easily the worst demo I have seen. The only real change to badges was removing Quickdraw. The thing I'm most pissed of about is that for dribbling in 2kU you need to use Patrick Beverly. 2k21 demo seems exactly the same as 2k20 using a different shot meter. Various teams. And very few changes. This is quite accurate. I have been obstructed my Eric Bledsoe 4 times driving for a dunk.

You tripping should I grab back it is 300% contested. This was my experience! If this is rookie then I ain't buying the game. I've hairballs slightly left/rights along with the dudes play tight on you your jock strap becomes stuck up your butt. I only hope next gen is a lot different. I would not bet on it lmao.

Why Kobe looks strange from the trailer? It's blasphemy. Now consider this shit. Yesterday the game begins. 1st quarter 4:30 moments or something. I left a turnover and my entire team was chilly lol. This sounds precisely like the past 2k demo. Gonna imagine it's the exact same game. No thanks. Seriously why isnt it the nets or something. The shooter meter is so tiny, u can't see shit with it. And they want us to"aim" using it. I see only fact for a minute I thought I was crap stamina non-existent. I hate the new shot meter. Why is shooting with the rod so weird today?

Let us be real 2K21 gont be weak as 2K20 on PS5

Half of the Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins games issues are readily observed using a few quickplay games. (I really do enjoy the updated archetypes base skills tho.) It is not too difficult. Literally. This is pretty much just MyCareer in general if you do not buy VC.


Frankly, MyCareer is unplayable in case you do not cover to boost your stats. But you have max stats and badges in the demo. I'll be honest, using the shot stick isn't as awful as I think people are making it out. Then again, it is really unusable for FT's. I actually find it easier to work with on the FT. To add to that, I still have not figured out the way to do the negative jump right to a shot using the stick alone. This can only be achieved using the button it seems. Unless I'm doing something wrong.

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