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Rockstar will not have a game out soon enough for this to matter. Activision might play ball depending on COD release date - if COD starts before the consoles they're going to want to hurt their launching weekend by people waiting to purchase it on next gen, so they will push back it to start with the consoles or possess some sort of cross buy. I'm more concerned about Atlus (assuming PlayStation does the same attribute ) because they're always a bit stubborn and backwards, Madden nfl 21 coins, and Bethesda. Bethesda has their own sci-fi RPG and they find some way to disappoint.

I play a lot of strategy Madden NFL and 2K is the worst when it comes to strategy game DLC. When it comes to utilizing DLC for multiplayer in Civ, everybody in the lobby should have the expansion you wish to use. Compare this to Total War Warhammer (from Sega) where anybody may use the DLC they own and the AI owns all the DLC. Or Paradox Madden NFL where everybody can use the DLC owned by the server whether they have it or not (with a few exceptions for cosmetics and music). And XCOM and Civ DLC is fairly expensive also. And that is only for strategy Madden NFL, if you believe I am being tough on 2K go have a peek at their sport Madden NFL. I'd be astounded if 2K supports shipping that was smart.

Idk I understand the meta is to despise EA, But this sounds like a completely reasonable compromise between"individuals should be able to update" and"we don't want to let people to upgrade so that they don't purchase madden 21 in 2023 for 4xb1 and update it to the xsx variant". Like Madden 21 is gonna be worth shit in 2023. This is a sport game, it becomes obsolete a year after launch. I am pretty sure that is the year that game was released. A whole lot of people liked the concept and enjoyed Madden NFL 21, but no other variations were made, so if you would like to play with it, you have to get that version. That lends it a scarcity that raises its worth over a series like Madden.

Although with buy Madden nfl 21 coins, you might also have the ability to sell certain versions for more money, particularly the early to mid 2000s when Madden NFL 21 was doing more to try to impress customers rather than simply being a yearly roster update and refresh of MUT. (And now I want to go pull Head Coach off the shelf, fire the ol' XB360, and have a go of it) In a circumstance, I would say this was shitty. If you're a Madden fan, you're likely to buy Madden NFL 21 nicely. And if you care about getting the Series X enhancements, you're likely to get the Series X before March 31st. Worse case scenario, in case you do not get in time, you can still get Madden 22. So while it is trendy for being shitty to point, this really is a non-issue.


Do we have idea or an estimate for how automated non-smart delivery backward compatability will be in relation to match updates? Like res lumps or default fps updates, or can it just be loading time and stability for cheap Madden nfl 21 coins that support? Always count to milk the shit out of everything. That is even more absurd when you think about the fact that they make a huge majority of their earnings from trades in Madden NFL like Madden/FIFA, entirely supporting smart delivery wouldn't affect them at all.

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