Jagex to analyze the issues in RuneScape

Whenever I moderate a Clan Chat, how I speak and OSRS gold behave would be dependant on the amount of users in conversation. Whenever there's just a handful of players in CC, I attempt to consciously talk with gamers, have fun together and just be silly. However, when there's about 15-20 people in the chat, I automatically become a little more serious (still friendly) and do not become as private as ordinary. This is only because I have to medium a Clan Chat that's more complete and so are more likely to contain some trolls. Dynamic filtering is there too.

In my opinion, Jagex has kept the user friendly policy much too long. When they change a policy, the neighborhood on which that policy is based will alter as a consequence, and therefore a new policy is necessary. A policy (or a filter, as I call it occasionally ) has to be more dynamic in order to work. In the event the sum of feedback increases, Jagex needs to filter out more feedback so as to only use the comments that is useful. This is really where Jagex lacks.

I am going to explain just how Jagex (according to me) must have handled the problem about Ice Strykewyrms. As for me, I still wonder why they have the rants forum, current upgrades, opinions, et cetera. There are simply too many topics (of which a lot are rubbish) to allow them to read. First thing, they ought to shut down the rants forum. Secondly, they ought to declare that they will not utilize opinions put in the Recent Updates forum, so that forum is discussion only. Recent upgrades must come along with a subject in the Feedback forum, allowing players to give feedback on the updates. The subject must also have a sticky called'Discussion Request'. In this subject, players may ask topics in order that they can discuss (or rant about) things that, based on them, require changing. Any rants or opinions put in wrong forums to get Jagex' attention should just be concealed by Forum Mods. This is a massive filter which will help prevent the mass issue spam and allows Jagex to analyze the problems in the game that actually need attention.

Alright, so that's all nice, however should Jagex have managed the Ice Strykewyrms issue? The answer to that question is they should not have bothered with reading articles in topics in any way. They should have created a questionnaire rather, allowing members to vote whether there ought to be a compromise or never. Though this is done, they ought to filter out the votes like a maniac. They Ought to Have the Ability to assess what certain groups voted, these groups being:

Participants without 93 Slayer. Members with 93 Slayer and with no Fire cape. These classes could require some programming, but it certainly will be possible. Once a few thousand players had voted, they need to have checked the results and decided whether they should have made a compromise or buy runescape 3 gold not. Here is the way it should have been.


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