Punished due to the OSRS gold

I play with an ironmeme take what I say from this perspective. I do not think it's particularly fair I'm going to get punished due to the OSRS gold economy, since I removed myself from the market. I just don't have time to perform to cover every time I find out a new boss. I will die much as I understand, especially if I could only play on weekends and such. I concur as a iron, so I do not hope to have our opinions matter as much, after all, we chose to limit ourselves.

However, I think Jagex have heard plenty about how the suggested mechanics are pretty unfair for people hoping to learn, so I dont expect the boss departure fees will remain the way they introduced it in the blog post. That they will need to find out a more fair system for irons though, I agree. But I cant even imagine the strain of the game mode so I don't think its about precisely the same level. I had a cash stack, and finished my thieving last month. And only through runes and miscellania I dropped to 10m. I'm fine with paying for a charge to maintain the equipment that I grinded for, but if theres no chance for me to find anything but the alch worth for a product, I dont need to be paying for something my accounts doesn't have any effect on in the greater economy.

I think"bleed you dry" is somewhat severe, buy runescape mobile gold has had pretty severe death prices for many years and it's an insanely effective gold sink. Wish to find out zulruh? Do not take fucking BIS in case you are expecting several deaths until you are minorly consistent and you're going to make your money back fairly quickly. Unbelievable that a community full of people that shout out ezscape for any QOL update go into a full on anger if their cherished pvm content is no more 100% risk free (not counting dc's).

The OSRS Wiki has added a new batch of calculators!


Then I realised it's simply because I would rather do those things than be at work and thats why it appears to be a good idea at the moment. Take a

break you've put RuneScapes onto a pedestal so when you finally sit down to play with them they arnt almost as entertaining as you imagined and you are feeling

disappointed/bored or even burned out. Switch it up a little and discover another hobby and clear your mind. You will likely find something new to appreciate and have that fire return to you about video games.

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