RuneScape is NOT the right format for these sort of changes

Advice into Senior Management Make Old School RuneScape a'rebirth'. Quit pandering to OSRS gold the newer gamers who just need the return of gambling. Focus on fixing bots and weaseling back the content - the game is DYING yet it is your last hope. I think I must point out this:'We'll never implement a lottery' Not only did you not keep to your word, but you've got the audacity to deny the Wheel of Fortune is a gaming mechanism wherein you can pay real life cash to achieve in-game rewards. No, I would not recommend this business to a friend I'm not optimistic about the outlook for this provider.

I've been a paid member on another, old account years back. It was fun and provided so much more content. 2, I've made SO much money by collecting/selling tons of drops and by high alching/flipping products. I am thinking of becoming a paid member again shortly for one primary reason: I'm currently fighting Ankhous every day; although they have good drops, I hope that maybe in P2P I could find better, more challenging creatures to fight with even better drops (do higher level creatures have higher magic ability points offered when killing them?).

My question: If I join P2P, what/where are such higher level monsters and is it worth linking this point? I will eventually join P2P at some point again, but am just wondering when joining at level 90 will help speed up my Mage skilling. Thanks. How much money have you made by combating ankous? In case you've around 10m you can buy a bond which gives 14 days of membership. Getting that 10m back in manhood's worlds is easier than in F2P, but of course requires some work.

If you become a part I'd recommend fast rushing quests that give enormous exp boosts/good rewards. It is possible to look on the RS wikia to see which quests give the highest exp promotes. I would do those first so you're mechanically closer to higher-tier firearms. As for other creatures to fight, yeah there are plenty. Many quests give added monsters to fight who may have more rewarding drops. Bosses will allow you to earn more money as well.

At 90 magical you can probably take on the king black dragon, and readily fight the chaos elemental as long as you are not afraid of risking some products. Both of these monsters are rather profitable. Yes, I have considerably more than 10M. I am sort of Old School RuneScape Gold confused about how bonds work; I have researched it a little and sort of received conflicting information. I'll probably just sign up and cover one-Month installments; I might do that today. I am anxious about becoming started (However, I'm attempting to force myself research some things farther before leaping in. There is so much info and I would like to get it done the best way complete to train my mage to 99. I know I can just go into P2P and get dropped all over the place doing this and in a random order like I did years ago, LOL. I wish to avoid that).

OSRS gold

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