OSRS staff Should Really've executive choice

The matter with that being the people making these shitty mtx decisions move all of RuneScape gold the way to the top.Until credit card warriors vote down every decent update that Jagex pitches. Did you last year after pretty much every upgrade the game obtained was more or less ported from rs3?The biggest travesty about Structure and PoH is that no dev dares touch it... Mod Jack once commented on questions about a construction rework after the M&S rework had launched. During the livestream he stated that a construction rework would require TWICE so long as the M&S rework.

And frankly, since RS3 has so many easy and accessible QoL things that people would like in a PoH that it probably wouldn't have the exact same impact as it would have had a few years ago... Passage of the Abyss for teleport jewellery & lodestones for simple traveling to significant cities, for example.

The things that created PoH"rewarding" at launch aren't as good, handy and awesome as they used to be. If a rework ever happened, they'd likely have to redesign it from the ground up, while keeping certain basic concepts (rooms & furniture). And just so people can play it for a week or two and then want new content. Honestly, how much I'd hate the idea: the only way a Construction rework might ever occur is if it also becomes a 120 skill... Truth is frequently disappointing

As somebody who has played both versions extensively, I will say the only thing that's keeping me RS3 is the continuation of some of my favourite quest lines. Everything else feels wrong. I am about 95 Runecrafting in RS3 when I know well that if I put in the identical amount of time on OSRS, it would actually just get me to maybe the high 70s. Portable workbench isn't likely to substitute POH construction in RS3 like Mahogony Homes is not going to substitute the old school method of instruction construction. There are just alternatives.

The problem is really on rs3 they discharge a skilling upgrade for building in the form of more MTX, and behave like that is okay. OSRS adds actual game content to get a more chill approach to train structure, using a method the community has requested about for several years. Why is it not OK if we know Bond MTX was doing the same to both RS3 and OSRS for the last 7 decades. Do not tell me we can not buy building progress in OSRS with exchanging bonds paid for actual cash to cheap RS gold resources and consequently quicker xp progress.


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