Ever since 2004 I've played Runescape

My first language is Icelandic. I recall the very first thing I typed on that game by a petition from my sister who had been 12 years old at now, she asked me to plead at Varrock with OSRS gold. I went around asking people "can you give me money". Ever since 2004 I've played Runescape off and on and I am thankful for that because it's benefited me a great deal. When speaking with tourists visiting Iceland I frequently get compliments about my accent and that they couldn't alter my accent from someone who grew up using English vs me growing up with Icelandic, that is completely different.

I'm ending 20's and played nearly every popular (MMO) game on the market since the late 90's. Played RS back in the days but not gave it a fair attempt. Last year, started again round the time cellular came out. Because my irl long playing buddies kept pushing me (again:P). I can honestly say I havn't had SO MUCH fun at a period that is loooooong. Holy crap is Runescape tough and huge. It is an RPG, kind of like all of the games that you have these days, with PvP components very similar to Eve Online, in a medieval fantasy theme. It is fantastic. I'm skilling, questing, bossing, making countless gp and only having tons of fun. Every step feels rewarding. Can really recommend anybody to play Runescape.

I do agree with you seeing Runescape's questing. It's one of the only MMOs which in fact makes them feel as though quests at the DnD sense of this word in contrast to the mandatory to reach the relevant part of the game feel of the word.That said, beyond getting quality quests, it is tough to recommend the game as"one of the greatest". It is not. You said the skill cap being large, but realistically everything comes down to is combos in PvP that demand quickly swapping between items and windows to pull off large damage combos. It's not an ability since you competing involving mouse precision in windows on the side of the display moreso than interacting with the game world in a way that is purposeful in the way folks would think of being proficient at a game.

For the ones that don't do this, it's a point and click adventure game and being successful only means having the things in your inventory. I can enjoy my time with cheap RuneScape gold but it is an grindy and incredibly straightforward game. Much of what you can do long-term is afk-able and finally it leads to me suggesting to people that the sport may be a good side game so you can advance your character inside while you do something else (like watching Netflix).

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