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Its literatly the same as this past year only with new colors. Personally, I play mut a whole lot but only bc franchise becomes so bpring so fast.Players on the exterior gunner positions on kick offs just run a straight line past the whole play and do not attempt to block anyone. They did not touch the blocking AI, it's fucking terrible.I simply enjoy coming for Madden 21 coins this sub to see all the criticism this match well deserves.

I gonna say I am a total newcomer to this show and I fucking love NBA 2K. I'm going to cheap nba 2k20 mt begin the playoffs and it has been a fun journey up to now. I know most of you are veterans to the franchise but I don't understand all of the hatred for NBA 2K. I'd like to play NHL as my sports game, and THAT franchise is an dumpster fire. You guys have it so good. If that's what you simply play, mycareer is enjoyable with. This is online issues.

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