My NBA 2K game encounter

I've been a large online 2K player since 2K15, and very busy in this sub advocating for many of these changes for years. This year though I am done, have not touched 2K since after MT NBA 2K21 have been off this sub, and fell. I won't even consider touching it until the input lag is completely removed and matchmaking is added.

Having that kind of lag is beyond insane. Perform COD, GTA, Fortnite, Rainbow 6, or pretty much any other online multiplayer game and there's ZERO input lag. Seriously has to be talking about the intermittent lagging at which NBA 2K21 speeds up to catch up, and not input lag. Just like the rest of us, they got used to it and it seems normal. You only notice whether the input lag fluctuates, and it does have a connection that is fantastic.

Simply try it, press the shoot button and then find out how long it takes your participant to start shooting, in comparison to MyCareer or even offline PlayNow. I've moved 3 times to 3 different states, and have had a wired 600+ MB/sec connection, with the PS Guru, and I've always noticed the input signal lag, on every 2K. Online COD players would not have that on their PS3 a few years ago, we're on the point of the PS5 and it still feels like I'm playing with a dial-up modem. No thanks.

And with matchmaking is read a few of the comments here. Some people NEVER wish to have anyone sub standard on their own team, and refuse to play against people better than them (sweats). It's like a 2K civilization thing now, people jump off and on spots, check other player's stats, send out heaps of group invites, sneak into lesser rated parks, etc.. Shit's ridiculous, '' I just need to jump in and play. Give me 2 random teammates, put me against 3 opponents. If I get the brief end of the pole, who cares it is only a game and guess what, I could jump in and play another one in like 2 seconds.

I agree with the majority of them and you've got a lot of Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins good points, but I think ranked matchmaking would drive away many high rep gamers. Playing against precisely the same perspiration lineups over and over again will likely stop me from enjoying NBA 2K21. When there was ranked matchmaking on 20, as an example, almost every game I play would be against dual playlocks/playlock and re-wing or some post scorer and lockdown. Yeah, destroying new players and chase them out is far better, correct? You aren't understanding his purpose.


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