The Wonderful Times I'Ve Had In-Game

I get a bit teary too frankly. It's not just sad tears or anything. But just thinking back at the years of I been playing PSO2 Meseta with this game is really overwhelming for me thinking back on all the wonderful times I've had in-game with people or just by myself. And only the fact that I pretty much"grew up" with this match gives it far more sentimental value to me than I'd care to admit.

So considering it being in ways over kinda leaves me with an empty type of feeling.

Yeah I have goosebumps and a very similar nostalgic feeling. I get exactly the exact same listening to the episode 3 ending, since that was the height of the games celebrity in Japan and when my best friends still consistently played. I overlook spamming akarin with them and bothersome mpas quite a little.

I'll join the bandwagon and share my GShade PSO2 screenshots. Three different personalities in multiple distinct costumes! More in remarks.

What time zone does PSO2 NA go by?

For your P3D and P5D event it has a time table but it doesn't state which time zone it follows, does anybody know what time zone it is?

If not knowledgeable about this time-codes, its California time. But if ever wondering what time zone some thing is in relation to yours, you are able to Google the time code and it'll show you the current time in that zone without having to click an actual website.

PSO2 day is on the 2nd of every month. There is also another PSO2 day to the 22nd of every month, however, the fosters on this day are just for premium users.

Does it make sense to begin playing PSO2 now?

So PSO2 was released on Steam and I am curious, I want to attempt it.

My question is, if PSO2: New Genesis is coming next year and I will have to make a personality from scratch anyhow, what's the point of starting now? If you think I need to, can you tell me why?..

Plus, the original Buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta will still be available.


Hell yeah. It is a fun sport and we're getting a lot of articles thrown at us over the next year or so. Plus, some things (sounds like cosmetics) will be transferring over to NGS.

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