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The two-position solenoid valve means that the spool of the solenoid valve has two different working positions (open and closed). When the spool is in a different position, it plays a role of connecting or closing each interface.The solenoid valve is used in the fluid system to realize the on-off of the fluid circuit or the change of the liquid flow direction.

Sand casting is mainly based on the proper amount of water and clay as the main binder of the molding sand in the process of making (Make). It has a long history and a wide range of applications. The strength of wet molding sand in sand casting mainly depends on the clay and water to a certain extent. In the process of use, the clay slurry needs to be mixed according to a certain proportion, and the product The medium sand will have a certain strength once mixed. After the sand casting is made into a sand mold, it can meet the requirements of mold closing and pouring to a certain extent.

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