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Just open the aid tab ingame and click on open a ticket and clarify the circumstance... it's not necessary but what I mean is that IF there is a system that thinks your trade is wow classic gold somehow suspicious (buyed with real life cash, botting etc.) then it would be easier to get the"acceptable" of this service before it happens otherwise it might take longer until they could remove the sanctions since they have to check it first.

Perhaps people in Japan do? Nintendo has always been kind of Animal Crossing Items a Japan initial company. That is only my guess anyways

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Called the Swift Zulian Tiger, it appears like a Bengal version of the Night Elf epic cat mount, and is guaranteed to tear a minumum of classic wow gold one guild apart when it eventually drops. The bracket is a 0.8% fall from High Priest Thekal, so it has a 1/125 possibility of appearing on the boss once you defeat him.

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